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Kuberg Free Rider Electric Bike

Kuberg Free Rider Electric Bike
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KUBERG FREE-RIDER is one of the most versatile electric bikes ever on the market. It is primarily built for teenagers but adults can ride on it and have a plenty of fun on it as well. It has incredible features. It is lightweight, excitingly powerful, fast, easy to ride, it has fully adjustable long travel suspension and it is very affordable. It is the fun bike of your dreams. The bike weighs only 84 lbs (38 kg). It uses peak 2 kW BLDC motor and 15 Ah Lithium Polymer batteries providing enough power to reach top speed 34 MPH (55 km/h) and providing realistic range of 1 hours full speed with 166 lbs (75 kg) rider.

Regular recharge time is only 2 hours from a regular power outlet (110V or 220V) or from a generator. Quick charger will be available as optional accessory. FREE-RIDER is very quiet and easy to ride for novice and expert riders. Regardless if you just want to have the fun of riding, training with your kids, improving your physical condition, need a commuter bike, need a bike for your RV the FREE-RIDER is the bike that you will love to ride every day and everywhere. From teenager to veteran. For women and for man. From cruising to racing.For endless fun.

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