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Kung Fu Time Clock

Kung Fu Time Clock
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Kung Fu Clock is designed to relieve people’s tension and release pressure when they pay attention to time. We want to show time is not that boring and ruthless.

We hope that, every time, when you look at this clock, you can enjoy the fun as well as the happiness from life which time can bring you.

This Kung Fu clock shows a classic image of Chinese traditional martial arts: vest, breeches, cloth shoes. The longest leg of the figure is the second hand, the head and upper body are the hour hand and the other leg is the minute hand. Every second, this clock will show a different martial arts movement.

With the second hand constantly moving, every single different movement will be linked up which like animation. It is changing every second. There will be a totally different movement after one minute. Then after one hour another vivid image appear. Whenever you see Kung Fu clock, you can always enjoy a dynamic martial arts picture.

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