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La Lampe Petite Solar Weather-Proof Lamp

La Lampe Petite Solar Weather-Proof Lamp
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ndustrious and energetic, La Lampe Petite’s solar energy conversion ratio is yet to be matched. It shines for up to 9 hours with a full day under normal sun. You can be up all night, and then some.
Suitable for indoors as well as outdoors use, La Lampe Petite dresses up the spaces where it is set or suspended with a mellow, warm natural light. Its Ultra-light structure makes it effortless carrying it around.

• Weather resistant, usable indoors and outdoors.
• Powder coated recyclable aluminum frame.
• Shade in Outdoors technical fabric (OTF).
• Top Ring for easy handling and hanging.

• Detachable solar module enables easy recharge.
• 3 intensity light levels.
• Auto On/Off power saving mode activated by light sensor.
• 2-year warranty.

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