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La Nordica Wood Burning Cooking Stove

La Nordica Wood Burning Cooking Stove
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“La Nordica” is probably the best known producer of wood kitchen stoves in the world. Manufactured in northern Italy these range cookers feature superb design, durability, attention to details, safety, and quality.

The primary function of these appliances is indoor cooking however they also provide a significant source of secondary heat for your home. Keeping in mind that all wood heating stoves are space heaters this stove is capable of heating an open concept area of approx. 25’x30′ with 10`ceiling. Nevertheless the stove should not be relied upon as a primary source of heat.

However it can totally be relied on as primary source for cooking! This particular model is called “Mamy Black”. The fire chamber is located on the left and provides heat for both the baking oven on the right and the cooking top above. Features include: External facing of enameled cast-iron Frame, plate and rings from cast-iron Enameled oven Wood drawer

Dimensions : 34.6″x33.8″x26″ Net weight : 465 lb Hearth opening size : 9.25″x8.85″ Hearth size : 10.9″x12″x18.11″ Oven size : 12″x16.5″x17″ Chimney diameter : 15 cm (5.9″) Hearth material: Cast Iron Heatable area: 8080 ft3 Nominal thermal power : 27000 BTU Adjustable primary air Adjustable secondary air Pre-adjusted tertiary air Efficiency : 77,8 % Hourly wood consumption : 5 lb/h Venting and Safety As any wood fired cooking appliance the stove is EPA-exempt, it does not require EPA emission certification. Installation is the same as for a heating wood (solid fuel) stove.

The stove is currently not UL-listed. Since the oven is not UL approved manufacturer suggested installation is irrelevant, it needs to follow the local building code, which is usually based on NFPA211. It describes necessary clearances, etc. If you wish please email us for a link to this doc. Please consult your local building authorities regarding what exactly is required.
External facing of enameled cast iron
Built in Baking Oven, Enameled
Frame, plate and rings in cast-iron
27k BTUs
Significant Source of Heat

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