LAntiStress – Editor’s Review

LAntiStress – Editor’s Review
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There are a variety of anti-stress apps in the App Store right now, but none like LAntiStress. First of all LAntiStress only focuses on children, because when it comes to learning how to deal with stress it’s best to start from an early age. Moreover today’s children experience stress more than anytime before and parents tend to overlook this issue until it becomes too late.

Roy Bradh is an expert when it comes to reducing stress and having worked with countless patients along many years, he’s been able to perfect the best technique for stress reduction. Unlike many others, this is a holistic approach, and despite its underlying complexity, it’s still simple enough to be implemented in a mobile app.

The program combines physical activity, music therapy, breathing techniques, healthy diet tips and relaxation to provide the best all-around approach to handling stress. The user can choose the timing and duration on the program according to their needs: the shortest duration is 15 minutes and the longest one is 1 hour. Starting at only $5, this is a must-have for parents who take their children’s health seriously. So what are you waiting for – head over to Kickstarter and check it out.

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