bookend decorative diamond sculpture

Large 7 Carat Diamond Sculpture

Large 7 Carat Diamond Sculpture
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You’re a polished interior stylist with an in-vogue vision and a Chic 7 Carat Diamond to match. Modern, edgy Matte Black Chalkboard, Bright Fuchsia, Minimalist Black Opaque or Dynamic Silver Mirror. Style up your bookshelf, coffee table or wall space. Your 7 Carat Diamond isn’t enough? Mix and match finishes with Smart 5 Carat and Elegant 3

Carat Diamonds for a statement mixed media Diamond Trio trio look.
Chic 7 Carat Diamond 7″ x 6″ x 6.5″
Lovely Diamonds are ready to hang, double keyholes on back side for mounting.
Laser cut and hand crafted.

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