Lavender Vanilla Sugar flavored sugar for coffee desserts

Lavender Vanilla Sugar flavored sugar for coffee desserts
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Lavender Vanilla Sugar, flavored sugar for coffee, desserts, teas Lavender Vanilla Sugar from Lavessence is crafted with Organic Sugar, Culinary Lavender Flowers and gourmet, Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The organic sugar is Fair Trade, sustainably sourced sugar cane, that is grown on usda Certified Organic Sugar Farms. The organic sugar cane is hand cut, and the sweet sugar juices are extracted and evaporated – leaving flavorful unbleached sugar crystals. By eliminating the refining process, the sugar retains an un-bleached off-white color, and naturally occurring flavors. Youll find these crystals are slightly larger and more flavorful than store bought, refined white sugars. Instead of Lavender Vanilla Sugar cubes, Lavessence offers Lavender vanilla Sugar grains as a delicious, natural way to sweeten your coffee and/or tea! Lavender Vanilla Sugar, with the beautiful culinary lavender flowers and flecks of vanilla bean – can also be used as a finishing touch for baked goods and desserts. offering Several Size/Packaging Options to suit your Lavender Vanilla Sugar needs! 1 oz – in a labeled zip bag. 2 oz – in a labeled zip bag. yes! i do have larger quantities, convo me to let me know if you are seeking a bigger size. Culinary lavender by Lavessence…

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