Learn to Knit Kit: An Introduction to Knitting with Handmade

Learn to Knit Kit: An Introduction to Knitting  with Handmade
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–includes needles & sample yarn (random color)– knitting for beginners; no experience needed This, novelty, fun, short and handmade 24 page instructional booklet is created by someone with 15 years of experience knitting! This book was written for a beginner knitter, and the unique, handcrafted style of the book is truly one-of-a-kind. This kit comes with a sample yarn (random color) and needles. This bundle works perfectly as a gift for yourself or others. It’s fun, quirky, colorful, and best of all – handmade! You’ll notice that the booklet is 100% completely hand crafted and unique 🙂 no knitting experience needed. You will learn how to cast on, cast off, knit stitch and purl stitch. You will be instructed on how to make a sample knitted item (about 3×3 inches). i highly suggest learning how to knit with a sample piece (comes with the kit); knitting takes practice and patience, and you will mess up the first time you try!! Start a scarf or beanie after you successfully complete this sample; your project will therefore have less mistakes, and you will be more likely to finish it due to a lack of frustration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a hand written, handmade paper-crafted booklet. Comes with: Sample Yarn Ball (random color) Handcrafted knitting needles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The book also ends with advice on how to start your own scarf project. Thank you!!

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