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Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Buckles

Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Buckles
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Lechal buckles can turn your regular pair of shoes into smart shoes and change the way you see the world and navigate it. Just lace up the buckles into your sneakers, set your destination in the Lechal app, and let your feet lead you there through gentle vibrations and simple patterns. Lechal’s smart pods, that snaps into the buckles, automatically pair with your phone via Bluetooth and use haptic feedback (gentle vibrations) to take you places. The shoe that vibrates is the way to go. Whether you’re exploring your city or in a new country, whether you’re walking or cycling, whether it’s your daily commute or off-roading, there’s a Lechal mode for you.

It even works offline! Which means you can wander off with no data connectivity or get off a plane in a new country and Lechal will work, always in all ways. With battery life of over 15 days, Lechal allows you to navigate intuitively and hands-free. The accurate fitness tracking features are an added bonus! You can measure the calories burnt, distance travelled, or steps taken. Keep a log of all your fitness activity, set goals, and even pick your routes based on the fitness metrics you can achieve. Lechal is also available in an insole variant that trims to fit any size; an easy addition to almost any pair of footwear and complement every lifestyle.

Navigate hands-free and heads-up, without looking at your phone, even when offline
Get detailed route guidance through simple vibration patterns
Track your fitness accurately by measuring steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled, and much more
The Lechal pods snap into your buckles that lace up with almost any sports shoe
Battery life lasts up to 15 days on a single charge
Sync your fitness data with Apple Health and/or Google Fit apps

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