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LED Bocce Ball

LED Bocce Ball
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The balls are made of a high quality, durable Polypropylene, with the Playaboule logo molded in. Because the balls are translucent the LED light can shine through making the balls glow in the dark. Simply rotate the screw-cap to turn the light on/off to activate your lighted bocce set. We designed these balls as a solid sphere with a threaded hole in the side for the LED plug.

Being solid, these balls are almost unbreakable.!!! You can crash the balls together hard, without fear of damaging the balls or the LED components. Great recreational set and perfect for evening play! At the beach, camping, back yard, etc.

3″ dia (73mm) balls were designed for Petanque or Bocce players with smaller hands
Set of 8 balls. 2 Glo Green, 2 Glo Blue, 2 Glo Red, 2 Glo Yellow and 1 glo White target ball
Extremely portable even on a backpacking or rafting trip.
By popular demand these come with Non Flashing plugs. Free fresh set of batteries and 1 set pre-installed for testing purposes.

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