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LED Lightsaber Umbrella

LED Lightsaber Umbrella
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Beyond the Outer Rim, spins a stormy planet.
Long, long ago, climate change led to all the continents being submerged – forcing the inhabitants to build cities on stilts.

The planet is, of course, known (by the few who know) as Kamino.
Apart from always being rainy, it’s a place famous for two exports: clones and Lightsaber Umbrellas.
While we can’t sell you any clones (it is against Republic Law), but we sure can sell you the ‘brellas’!

7 shining led shafts brings your umbrella to life with fashion and more colorful.

The magic behind the umbrella is the illuminating shaft,which has 7 different shining LED colors. When you press the button, the colors will be changed.

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