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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
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OcarinaWind take efforts in creating a unique Zelda ocarina for Zelda fans in the recent half year. After hundreds failure, we now create this sky blue 12 hole Zelda ocarina for Zelda fans. This ocarina sell quite reasonable price with very accurate tone and sound perfect.We has also improved the high notes for you to blow it more naturally. We believe this will be a must have Zelda ocarina as a performance music instrument or as a collectible. The ocarina is made of the highest standard of kiln-fired ceramic which is smooth and bright on the surface. It is not a toy or a collector’s products, it is a hand-crafted and tuned musical flute instrument! This 12 hole Zelda Ocarina, key of A4-F6, is tuned in the key of C, and can go below C down to the A. This ocarina has exquisite breath response and crystal clear tone.

The ocarina is made of kiln-fired ceramic,which is a very special craft in burning the ocarina.Every ocarina we provide a tested before it sell out.So don’t worry and quality and it is free to return for refund any time you like. It comes with a sheet of scale chart and a finger chart as well as a strap, so you can wear this ocarina on your neck wherever you go. The protective bag is high quality and soft inner side to protect the ocarina be broken. Packaging included: * 1 x Ocarina. * 1 x pouch bag & Strap * 1 x Songbook & Finger Chart Pitch: A4-F6 including sharps and flats Length: 6 inches or 15.25 cm Width: 4.3 inches or 11 cm Material:Kiln-fired Ceramic

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