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LEIF eSnowboard

LEIF eSnowboard
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LEIF eSnowboard
The world’s first electric vehicle that moves just like a snowboard. Add some adrenaline to your daily commute with the LEIF eSnowboard.
Top Speed: 23 mph (37 kmph)
Weight: 18-20 lbs(9 kg) depending on model size
Range: Now 8-10 miles with LT2X battery pack (included). Add an additional 12-15 miles with an extra LT3X battery pack (not included)

Max Incline at Top Speed: 15% grade
Warranty: 180 day warranty on manufacturing defects
Weight: 30 lbs
Dimensions: 36 x 14 x 10 in
Wheel Color:Sky Blue, Electric Orange, Eco Green
Deck Size: 77cm, 82cm, 87cm
Choose your Battery: LT2X (8-10 miles), LT3X (12-15 miles)

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