Let’s kickstart the zipper tie revolution

Let’s kickstart the zipper tie revolution
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The story behind my project

About a year ago, I took my husband shopping for a business outfit to wear on an interview. We had already picked out a shirt and a pair of slacks. I was looking for a tie that would complement the outfit. I found over ten regular ties with different colors and patterns which worked well with the outfit. Nevertheless, my husband grabbed a solid black zipper tie. He pointed out that zipper ties are more convenient because you do not have to spend too much time tying the knot and the length of the tie is the same all the time. The down side of the zipper ties are the limited choices and use of the same simple knot.

About my project

My primary goal with this campaign is to create an ever-expanding collection of unique zipper ties with different colors, patterns and type of knots. You will have the chance to express yourself through fashion and stand out from the rest.

The first step will be to get the materials to make the zipper tie. Then, it will be choosing the fabric to make the tie and finally get the pattern of the knot. We are going to start with at least ten designs first.

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