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Lichtbloem DIY Lamp

Lichtbloem DIY Lamp
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Make a beautiful light sculpture out of everyday objects!
Lichtbloem means Light Flower. It was originally designed by Coen Hoogstraten as a workshop for schools, but soon became a nice-to-have, sustainable gift. Don’t forget to check out the RioRand Plasma Ball Lamp. It will be a cool addition to your kid room.

Create your own personal Lichtbloem lamp with just a few simple materials.
DIY kit contains optical fibers, a ping pong ball, clothes peg, lithium cell, push pin, and an LED.
Material: Wood / Metal / Plastic / Lithium Ion battery 3,3V (CR2032)
Size: 23.5 x 8 cm

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Check price on Amazon.com

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