Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table

Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table
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The Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table is a space-saving accessory that combines functionality and style.

The Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table is just more than a table-top as it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

If you want a higher space for watching your favorite shows from your laptop, the table-top just needs to be raised.

The adjustability of the table-top will also be a hit among people who love to read and write. Because it can be raised and lowered to just the right height.

Once the table-top is raised, it reveals a cabinet underneath. The space can be used to store magazines, novels, stationery supplies or just about anything.

Besides the functionality of the table-top, it is also equipped with two more drawers located below. The usage of the drawers depends on the users on how they want to use them.

But it has enough space for storing clothes(which is the perfect item for girls), your favorite blankets or books or snacks for your TV binge-watching sessions!

The bottom of the nightstand table has wheels, which makes shifting and turning much easier.

You don’t have to worry about scratches on the floor which taking the table everywhere you go whenever you please!

The Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table is a definition of everything that resembles creativity and functionality. It is no wonder that its ergonomic design has people going crazy for it. All in all, if you need a nigh-stand that offers more than just a surface, then this is the perfect item to invest your money in.

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