Light in the Enchanted Forest – Children’s Book

Light in the Enchanted Forest – Children’s Book
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I have created a children’s book that is ready to be published. My intention is to share tools that I am learning…to live love.

This book is for children and adults. It was inspired by material that I am learning about how to shift my energy from negative thoughts and feelings to the positive. Ultimately we all get to choose. It is up to us to make the effort in each moment and actually choose positivity!

“Light in the Enchanted Forest” is about a community of bugs who agree to upgrade their Forest. They agree to live love, trust, forgiveness, and gratitude. They go about their day and as they do, first the bee, then the ants and finally the spider have something negative come up that they must work through. They use the tools of love, trust, forgiveness, and gratitude to shift their energy and create harmony.

This book is designed with everyday thoughts and feelings that we all have. It provides the opportunity for dialogue with our children about how to take everyday challenges and turn them into something great! How to transform those bad days, to talk about those things that happened that could have gone differently, and how to in the moment use the power of thought and choice to raise our vibration and choose love!

As a Mother, I know what children experience at school and through all of the growing stages. My son has good days and bad days. As adults, we have the same things come up in our everyday lives. There are many times something can easily get us down. This book is a way to remember, ALL IS WELL! We can change our perspective and see things in a new way…if we choose.

WE can make the effort to treat others well and spread the love. 

My hope is that this book inspires people to live their own version of love. To realize fear is an illusion, judgment causes separation, and resistance doesn’t allow us to move forward. Love, however, opens doors, trust builds relationships, forgiveness clears the way for new opportunities and gratitude is a base for positivity.

Andrew Rodgers has done an amazing job with the illustrations and really brought this book to life. I am very proud of his work and excited to share it with all of you. Here is how you can help!

  • $2300 of the funds will go to paying Andrew in full so that we can go to the next step of self-publishing.
  • $2200 of the funds will go to purchasing a self-publishing package from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. I will be choosing the Reveal package and will receive a 30% discount since Andrew has completed some of the items on the list. Items included in the package are listed below.
  • Balboa Press Reveal Package: ISBN Assignment – Author Volume Discounts –  Online Worldwide Distribution –  E-book Formatting and Distribution – Barnes & Noble “Read Instantly” – Amazon “Look Inside” Google Preview – Sold on and Barnes&  -Personalized Balboa Press Bookstore Page – Included in Balboa Press Catalog  – U.S. Copyright Registration – Library of Congress Control Number – Promotional Materials – Press Release – Essential Edition – Booksellers Return Program – Author Website Setup
  • $500 of the funds will go to promotional materials, stickers, business cards, and shipping costs.
  • Any extra funding will go to upgrade to Book #2 as this book is designed to be a series.

My intention of this book is to share what I am learning!

My hope is that this book reaches many people and inspires others to live their love. Maybe a treat for yourself, or a gift for others. Children, parents, teachers, adults…this book is for everyone!

“Light in the Enchanted Forest” is an interactive book. Can you find the aphid on each page? Do you see the hidden key once a lesson has been learned? Enjoy and look around!

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