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Light Painting Projector Lamp

Light Painting Projector Lamp
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Light Painting Projector Night Light PRO version with Wall Adapter Power Supply, Glass Painting set, and added features!

Light Painting was never so easy! Use the included color glass paint on this portable decorative lamp and it will project the picture nicely on almost any surface. You can either use the lamp with batteries or the included wall power adapter. Brightness intensity can be set to low or high as required, therefore, full darkness is not required for best result.

Use it to make lightpainting photographs or as a night light, party light indoors in a dark or semi-dark room, or bring it with you into the woods or a garden party, it will totally add a plus to the event. You can hang up the lamp wherever you wish with a cord (e.g. ceiling, trees). You can paint hemispheres with the included transparent color glass paint set.

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