bulb lantern light wood

Lightbulb Lantern Wood

Lightbulb Lantern Wood
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When the bulb filaments break, light turns off, but only for a while if the bulb transforms into a bright oil lamp. Like this, we make the bulb live again and … we turn the light on. The lamp made with an old amber-colored bulb (out of production).
It is juxtaposition of old and new.

The lantern Bulb is a unique vintage lamp that can be used as an oil lamp. It symbolizes inventiveness, a spark of ideas and invention, the archetype is recognizable and iconic. A blown glass form lays down on wood spreading a warm light. Inviting and exiting, fire adds character to an environment.

MATERIALS: old light bulb, wood, brass tube, wick.
SIZE: cm 8x 8 x h.13
This object has been realized inside the Artefizio lab, this makes it a Made in Italy unique piece.

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