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Lil’ Reds Plastic Cups

Lil’ Reds Plastic Cups
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The classic red plastic “Solo” party cup now comes in a tiny version, for samples, shots, and fun party extras.

Perfect shot-sized replicas of the iconic “beer pong” cup made famous at keggers across the country, the Mini Solo Cups hold 1.75 oz. of liquid. These clever little red plastic shot glasses are the perfect size for Jell-O shots, and of course expert-level “quarters” or “beer pong” games at your party. Or, if you have young kids, they are a perfect size for kids parties or even “tea parties” for dolls.

Get your party started with Lil Reds Minis in packages of 20. They are crafted of sturdy red plastic – with white interiors – like the large Solo cups, but shrunk to a miniature size.

Get the same feelings of good times and summer fun that come to mind when you see those red Solo beer cups, with these tiny versions for more concentrated alcoholic beverages. Serve up a round of shots in Lil’ Reds and get a laugh from your friends with these party pleasers.

Frat parties, family reunions, campouts and after-work gatherings are more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about breakable cups and glasses, and when cleanup is going to be simple and quick. Plastic cups have always been popular party cups because of this – and now you have the same convenience for your friends who drink shots! Like their larg counterparts, these cups are disposable and recyclable, but durable enough to be washed and reused multiple times. Simply wash, dry, and stack them until you want to use them again – at this small size, even 20-cups will not take much space!

Those red plastic cups have become such an American party icon that country singer Toby Keith even has a song entitled “Red Solo Cup.”

Bring that backyard-party, country feel to your next gathering with Lil’ Red Mini Solo Cups.

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