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LINO Mug + GINO Coffee Dripper Set

LINO Mug + GINO Coffee Dripper Set
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It was only natural that our meticulously designed LINO mug should have an equally beautiful and functional pour-over dripper to complement it. This set offers a coffee brewing experience that not only delivers an expertly brewed cup, but also pleases all five senses: touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. The double-walled glass construction of the GINO dripper insulates while highlighting the coffee extraction. The angle of the interior cone and size of the 3 holes at the bottom are engineered to ensure the optimal distance for water to travel through the coffee bed, ensuring a balanced, flavorful cup.

The minimal profile is gracefully tapered to sit atop the LINO mug like a crown, and also comfortably fit any grip. Once the coffee is brewed, the thick base of the LINO mug retains heat, while the rim has an elegant mouth feel. The iconic LINO handle is a fluid extension of the cup itself, providing a resting place for the thumb to balance the cup effortlessly in the hand. This union of great design and great function is now available to the coffee enthusiast conveniently packaged as a coordinating set.

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