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Liquor Perfection Smart Glass Set

Liquor Perfection Smart Glass Set
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As tin is not easily oxidized, 80% of the tin products are used for containing food and drinks. Since the ancient time in China, tin products have been recognized as utensils that “make the wine finer, water clearer, tea more aromatic, and flowers last longer.”

Utensils reflect the living style and culture of their age. Woo Collective inherits Taiwanese traditional craftsmanship and creates, with a new perspective and technic, beautiful wares for the contemporary life. Tin could remove the bitterness from alcoholic beverages. With the spiral/blade shape representing an imagery of flowing water, the tin decanters increase the contact surface with the alcoholic beverages. They fit in all kinds of glasses or the decanting system. The liquor forms beautiful stream while flowing through the spiral and becomes mellow in a very short time.

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