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Lishinu Hands-Free Dog Leash

Lishinu Hands-Free Dog Leash
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Made of strong and durable plastics, Lishinu is resistant to everyday wear and tear and has a long lifecycle. The whole locking mechanism is laser cut from high quality metal plates. Choosing the right materials made it possible to keep it compact and lightweight.

Quick On/Off Strap

It is very easy to fasten the Lishinu retractable dog leash on your wrist. Rest your arm on the Lishinu and pull the belt through the hook. You can master it in seconds. We made sure that it is very simple to remove it in case of emergency. Just pull the safety belt.

Intuitive Auto Lock

Let the mechanics in the hands free leash work for you! Keep full control with simple movements of your hand and body. The auto-locking mechanism completely removes the need for a button, keeping your fingers free at all times.

Hands Free Leash

Go jogging with your dog. Go Shopping. Hold hands with your loved one. Tie your shoes. Open doors. Carry bags. Simple tasks remain simple with the Lishinu retractable dog leash.

360 Degree of Pure Freedom

Self-Retractable, fully-adjustable length of the leash on your demand. You have aprox 9.6 feet of leash at your full disposal ay any time., but you can always shorten it to as low as 1.6 feet, keeping safe guard of your dog when needed

Soft & Comfortable

In Addition to relieving your wrist, Lishinu has a very soft protector with a neoprene core that firmly resides between your skin and a stronhg wristband.

Prefer to hold it?

No problem at all! Lishinu can be awlays used as a hand leash instead of a wrist leash. Just hold it by the belt.

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