LITTLE SPIRIT Wind Chime with copper top

LITTLE SPIRIT Wind Chime with copper top
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Copper 4.25″ x 20″ (overall length-top ring to bottom wind catcher) 5 tubes. The natural characteristic of patinas is to variate. Colors will be similar to, but not exactly as those pictured. This is exactly the same as the other “Little Spirit” displayed in the listings, but instead of the cedar wood top it has a hammered copper dome top . The most unique feature of this small size wind chime is its sound. The 5 copper tubes with a solid wood ball clapper give this wind chime soft, mellow tones that are very soothing to listen to. It also has excellent durability for direct exposure to the weather and will give many years of listening pleasure. To hear the wind chime, copy and paste the following link in your browser window. You may need to turn up your speaker volume to hear. Here are some other wind chimes you might like.

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