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Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen

Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen
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The 4GB Sky Wifi Smartpen records everything you write and hear together or separately. Tap anywhere on your notes to replay the audio from that moment in time. It automatically and wirelessly transfer your recorded notes and audio to your free Livescribe edition of Evernote for play back on nearly any device. Your Livescribe edition of Evernote includes 500MB of additional monthly upload capacity for smartpen notes and audio. It can quickly search, share and replay your lectures, meetings and ideas any time on nearly any device.

The Sky wifi smartpen is the perfect companion to your tablet, laptop and smartphone. When digitizing your notes and audio, you’ll need storage space; with 4 GB of memory, your smartpen has it. A 4GB smartpen can hold over 400 hours of audio and thousands of pages of notes. Automatically, your recorded notes and audio are wirelessly sent and securely stored in your free Evernote account.

From Evernote, easily search, share and replay on nearly any device. You can record audio without using dot paper with just a press of a button. And you can write an addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem on dot paper and get the answer on your smartpen screen.

Livescribe smartpens only work with Livescribe Dot Paper. Livescribe dot paper uses standard paper printed with a unique pattern of tiny microdots. This tiny pattern acts like a map for the smartpen, allowing it to capture the exact location of everything it writes or draws on dot paper. Choose from a variety of paper types, bindings, and sizes at competitive prices: blank, lined, or grid paper in spiral-bound notebooks, hard-bound journals, notepads, and even sticky notes. Find the paper that’s right for you.

Over 400 hours of audio
Capture thousands of pages of notes
Wireless transmission of notes and audio
Livescribe edition of Evernote

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