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Lock Your Dog

Lock Your Dog
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We love dogs. Since Hannibal our little pug became part of our family we were afraid of leaving him outside and unprotected. So, we asked ourselves how to protect him from being stolen. Unreasonable fear? In Germany more than 40,000 dogs get stolen every year! Sadly this has happened to one of our friends. We were shocked! We started looking for a way to protect our own dog. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been invented at that stage. That’s how our idea was born.

It was a big challenge for us to develop a product that combines all essential features into one. However, no pain, no gain. After more than two years we achieved our goal. The first LYD prototype was constructed. We protected our idea by a patent. Now, we need your support.

Facts about LYD

material: custom-built synthetic; size: L0.9cm x W0.5cm x H0.21cm; colour: metallic black
material: Aramid (cut-proof) with full wire reinforcement; size: 2m; colour: black-white, laid-rope design
material: Aramid (cut-proof) with full wire reinforcement; size: max. circumference of 61cm; colour: black
Total weight: 130g (collar: 44g)

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