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Loft Spectrum TV Mirror

Loft Spectrum TV Mirror
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The Loft Bathroom Mirror TV by Electric Mirror is simple, clean, and surprising, complimenting most any design concept. Get ready for the day while watching a show, the news, or checking in on your stocks. Options with the 15.6 inch Loft™ TV include three different types of mirror surfaces, multiple mirror sizes, Defogger, Vive™, and Night Light. The Loft™ can also be upgraded to a 21.5 inch TV.

Ultra thin 15.6” Electric Mirror LED HDTV
720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio
50,000 hour panel
Low voltage and high voltage removable power supply
Left/Right out and line level audio out
Ideal 10 watt per channel integrated amplification
HDMI, RF, and component connections
GlassWaves™ – Integrated multi-directional stereo sound
Waterproof buoyant remote
Easy–fit TV mounting solution
IR control

Tested to UL/UL-C 1598 including section 16.23
International Certifications
Safety backed mirror

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