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Lomography Light Painter

Lomography Light Painter
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The brilliant light painting tool with eight different color modes!
With the Lomography Light Painter, you are the artist and the world is your canvas. In a few fast clicks you can alternate between various colors or the impressive auto-controlled light beam — perfect for creating extremely unique light painted masterpieces!

Think you can’t paint? Well, we think you can….with light! Enhance your photographs with stunning light effects in just a few easy clicks of the Lomography Light Painter. This wonderful gadget is equipped with eight different light variations that allow for ultimate light painting experimentation. Easily rotate between single color modes or achieve a whole spectrum of colors by combining hues in multiple color modes.
And if you’re feeling super adventurous, choose the impressive auto-controlled light beam to create an ever-changing light stream of color! We recommend using the Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera for the best photos.

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