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Lomo’Instant White Edition

Lomo’Instant White Edition
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One built-in wide angle lens.

3 Shooting Modes Shoot photos with auto-flash on for immediate great results, or take direct control with the creative shooting modes (with flash and without flash).

Unlimited Multiple Exposures Combine multiple shots on one frame for amazing experimental instants.

Infinite Long Exposures Perfect for low light, dawn/dusk and nighttime shooting. Get artistic with light painting and create beautiful light streaked instants!

Color Gels Transform your photos with color by shooting with fun color gels!

Easy 2 Step-Focusing Quickly get the shot you want.

Uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film The most widely available instant film on earth.

Tripod Mount and Cable Release Thread Advanced extras for ultra-impressive instant photography!.

Instant photography is fast, exciting and at the end, there is a beautiful moment captured in front of your eyes. And it doesnt stop there – This creative moment is also right there in your hand. Unlike one of the hundreds of photos you take on your phone, this instant is a real object. You can put it on your wall, share it with a friend or slip it in your pocket to always keep the precious memory with you.

It’s this passion for instant photography that spurred Lomography on to design the ultimate instant camera. A camera that combines a passion for instant analogue photography with technical experience. Most importantly, they have created a fun camera packed with awesome features and endless opportunities to experiment! Say hello to the LomoInstant!

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