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Long-Handled Tea Strainer

Long-Handled Tea Strainer
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Make the perfect cup of tea every time – in just three simple steps — Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser makes it so easy!

– Measure the perfect amount of tea with our specially designed split tea ball
– Allow the water to perfectly steep your tea with our high capacity design that promotes optimal water flow
– Finally remove the infuser, relax, and enjoy your perfect cup of tea

Schefs stainless steel tea infuser was designed to make brewing a cup of tea as easy as possible

Loose leaf tea expand and needs lots of room when steeping to ensure the best flavor, so we designed our infuser to be larger and to allow optimal water flow. This allows the tea to fully expand and ensures that you get the true and full flavor of your favorite loose leaf teas. Don’t waste your premium teas by cramming them into undersized infusers with poor water flow. After all – if you have picked the right tea, water temperature, and steep time- why let your infuser let you down – Use Schefs Tea Infuser to ensure the perfect cup of tea.

Key Features and Benefits

– Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel
– Recently redesigned to limit tea dust and loose tea
– Split spoon design allows you to measure the right amount of tea for a standard mug
– Large capacity ensures tea has enough room to expand
– Heat resistant handle design allows ball to heat up without the handle getting hot
– Beautiful and unique design

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