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LoopRope Utility Rope

LoopRope Utility Rope
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LoopRope Red 4 feet utility tie down features the 4 feet LoopRope. It is the most versatile fully adjustable tie down for any job. LoopRope safely replaces bungee cords ropes and straps. It is easy to use. There are no knots, no tangles, no fuss. With Loop technology it is as easy to tie things down as Loop, Clip and Go.

It is easy to simply clip off at any loop (secure attachment point to get the right length and tension). It is secure, fast and easy. It can also be inter-connected to multiple loop ropes to create the perfect cargo net, without the hassle of an overkill tangled mess.

No knot tying required and has a fully adjustable tie down
The safe bungee replacement that works; secure, fast and easy
Never tangles and is fully adjustable

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