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Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern
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Luci Inflatable Solar Lanterns

MPOWERD’s award-winning Luci family of patented inflatable solar lanterns is infinitely versatile. Fully waterproof and shatterproof, with a built-in rechargeable battery, our Luci lights hold a charge for up to 12 hours and stay bright all night. Perfect for everything from everyday indoor use to outdoor entertaining and recreation, roadside assistance and power outages, Luci is ready for anything – anytime, anywhere, any weather. More convenient and sustainable than flash lights! Safer and brighter than candles and kerosene lanterns!
About MPOWERD – Good Energy

As a socially conscious award-winning consumer products company, MPOWERD develops and manufactures game-changing micro-solar energy products for use by people living and playing on and off the grid. A Certified B Corp, we’re committed to transforming people’s lives and protecting the planet by making our brilliant products and solutions available and accessible the world over. Winner of an innovation design award at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, MPOWERD was also a national honoree in the energy category of the prestigious Katerva sustainability awards and is rolling out to major retailers this year in the USA and internationally.
How to Use Luci

Step 1: Charge Luci in direct sunlight or incandescent light. With the solar panel up, let Luci soak in the light. Luci fully charges in 8 hours of direct sunlight. Step 2: Inflate Luci by opening the valve and pinching the bottom while pulling up; then bite on the valve and simultaneously blow into the valve until fully inflated; close the valve and push it down. Step 3: Light up Luci by pressing the on/off button – once for bright lighting, twice for super bright and three times for emergency flashing. Press a fourth time to shut her off. Step 4: Deflate Luci by opening the valve and pinching the bottom while pushing down.
See the Light – Join the Solar Justice Movement

Inspired by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that left millions without power, MPOWERD Inc. was founded by a group of like-minded individuals in 2012 who were inspired to “do good by doing well. ” At MPOWERD we’re driven by our principles of need-based innovation, social responsibility, sustainability and Solar Justice – energy equality for all.

To date, our first product – the inflatable Luci lantern – has had a positive, illuminating impact on the lives of close to a million people worldwide as an affordable, stylish, no-emission alternative to dirty, dangerous and expensive fuel and battery-based lighting. Every light purchased in the developed world allows us to make a positive impact on the planet and the lives of people everywhere, including the world’s 3 billion people who live in Energy Poverty, without access to reliable electricity. Stay tuned for more brilliant products from MPOWERD and join our community.

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