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Lucky Charms Special Edition Silver Bracelets

Lucky Charms Special Edition Silver Bracelets
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Dexter, the 8 headed gearwheel…like 8 are the digits of your special date.
Number 8 symbolizes harmony, infinity, good luck and prosperity.

Even though Dexter’s gearwheel is already a good luck charm itself, we couldn’t help creating a special edition of Dexter Milano’s gearwheel, with a selection of lucky charms designed in platinum plated silver. Choose your favorite talisman!
These hand braided bracelets suit both, man and woman and can be worn alone or in combination with other bracelets.

Size: one size fits all with macrame slip knot.

Size: The silver element with internal lucky charm designed measures 1,7cm x1,7cm diameter and aprox. 1mm thickness.

All of Dexter Milano jewelry collection is hand made in Italy by the most experienced goldsmiths and with the use of top quality materials.

All jewels are shipped with gift box that includes leaflet with the story and meaning of Dexter Milano’s gearwheel.

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