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Ludipuss Interactive Cat Tank

Ludipuss Interactive Cat Tank
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This unique CatTank is full of fun and interactive ways your cat can play!
The CatTanks are made from a lightweight yet strong fiberglass shell and painted with car grade paints which make them durable and long-lasting, resisting the sharpest of feline claws.

Trixie moving laser light installed with on/off switch on front of CatTank, to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. Requires 3 AAA batteries (included, along with product box, instructions and details). Can be bought separately.
Four separate ping pong ball play centers (10 balls included). Right-hand “track” conceals ping-pong ball play system.

Hidden mice – 3 mini fur mice with integral rattle in the “grenade launchers” and 2 larger sisal mice in the left hand “track” for your cat to slide back and forth.
Three separate scratching areas of sisal – 2 “tracks” and the “gun barrel”
Sisal wrapped ball on elastic hanging from the “gun barrel”
Rotating turret – full 360 turn with opening lid
Main body of CatTank is lined with 100% wool felt 4mm thick in natural black.
Second entry via hinged ramp at the rear

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