Luke Madrid: Photobook Concertina Fold

Luke Madrid: Photobook Concertina Fold
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It took a while to find the right form for this work. i wanted something that would echo my encounter with a city as well as with a new person, the intimacy of the photoshoot and the meandering through Madrid’s streets and art galleries. i tried several options until everything came together in the accordion folded book, which is also known as a leporello. Leporello is the name of Don Giovannis manservant. When his master asks for a catalogue of his lovers, the list is so long it falls open like a concertina unravelling. Up until the 1950s, it was common to see postcards bound in an accordion fold to reveal glimpses of the city. Printed on 170gsm bond paper. Book dimensions: 83cm x 14.8cm, folds down to approx. 11cm x 14.8cm.

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