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Lumu Power

Lumu Power
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The color temperature, light, exposure and Flash meter for iPhone. One device with power of many. Until now, you had to use multiple tools. They have too many limitations, they are too complex, and take time and effort to use.

Lumu Power is – on the other hand – only one device that has the power of many. Color Temperature, White Balance, Flash, and Ambient Exposure or Illuminance. You can measure them all with one simple device and one simple app.
Use Lumu Light Meter app as a standalone spot meter, no additional hardware needed. Selected and featured as “photographers must-have” on the Apple App Store: Download FREE APP on the App Store.

Dome Diffuser Side: The Fast Silicone Photodiode measures Exposure: Ambient light, and Flash light.
Flat Diffuser Side: The True Color sensor behind it measures Color temperature, White balance, and Illuminance.
Made of Stainless Steel housing and Polycarbonate Lexan diffusers, it is a premium light meter that has been engineered with the iPhone® and iPad® in mind. It is attached via the Lightning® connector, turning the iPhone into the smartest & fastest light meter device available.

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