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Luna Crystal-Pyramid Candle by Soul Terra

Luna Crystal-Pyramid Candle by Soul Terra
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For centuries man has known that the moon and it’s phases have a direct affect on humans and our behavior. Modern science has even done massive research on the topic to try and understand the connection between our sacred moon and the psyche.

During a full moon, heightened brain activity in the sub-conscious emerges and it’s been known to assist our creative & intuitive minds to be able accomplish task with sharpened awareness.
We crafted the Luna candle with the exact phases of the moon, which is why we only make them in small batches and in limited quantities. The crystals found deep inside are first “cleansed” during a full moon, believed to expel any unwanted energy and recharge it with the gems natural pure radiance.

Naturally scented using our a signature essential oil blend, the Luna candle has deep intoxicating scents of sweet fruit with undertones of African herbs.
Burn Time: 150+ Hours
Ingredients: Soy & highly refined paraffin wax
Includes Black Holder
Embedded with a supernatural crystal for insight & intuition

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