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Lungs of fruit – ecology

Lungs of fruit – ecology
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Pluvia Semini, a project nicknamed ‘Lungs of Fruit’ involves widespread seeding of native trees across public and private lands. Pluvia Semini (‘seed rain’) is short for seminalem pluviam which is latin for ‘seeded rain’. This is exactly what we’re after. Pluvia Semini aims to improve California’s environment to the degree of permanently increasing annual rainfall.

We are based in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. Pluvia Semini employs hundreds of plant species throughout thousands of acres of nevada county. During the fall we broadcast our seed directly to the land. Preserving the plants pristine tap-root, to be far more tolerant of drought and other stressors. Our chosen native tree species for each climate require zero irrigation, and no maintenance in general after seeding.


The seed we use is completely clean and vital. We never use or provide seed that is: chemically treated, genetically modified, hybridized, or infertile/old. It is always freshly sourced and organically prepared with a simple mixture of benefical microbes. As well as an over-wintering crust that is made of azomite, clay, sand and coconut coir (similar in function to a traditional seedball). This protects the seed from drying out, as well as locking up the microbial spores until germination in spring.

California’s Lungs of Fruit

The foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s are an ideal location for cleaning up atmospheric pollution spread from the valley. The foothills receive above average (U.S. avg.) rainfall while sustaining a very long and hot summer. Pluvia Semini is laying the groundwork and catalyzing a green belt running up and down California. Following our immediate afforestation, the Sierra Foothills will begin to function more and more like lungs. Cleaning up vast volumes of air, while providing highly sustainable sources of food, medicine and other useful materials.

Pluvia Semini is going global. We have expanded our reach to include all climate types, all nations and all people. We collect, stock and supply seed for all the worlds ways, be it: cool to cold climates, warm temperate, sub-tropical, mediterranean, tropical and arid to semi-arid. Wherever you are in the world, we will completely customize your seeds to be native and non-invasive within your local climate.


California’s drought has claimed well over 70 million trees, from drought-induced bark beetle infestations. In many communities of the central and southern Sierra Nevada range, “80 percent of trees are dead,” said Ken Pimlott, the state’s top forester as director of Cal Fire, the state forestry and fire-protection agency. “There will be no conifers when this is done.” But the current convergence of drought, bark beetles and oak disease is changing ecosystems enough that scientists cannot say when the tree population might be restored.

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