Lux Mate | Mate-Tea drink from Berlin, Germany

Lux Mate | Mate-Tea drink from Berlin, Germany
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What is LUX MATE:
LUX MATE is available at about 80% of all Kaiser’s stores (supermarket – retail) in Berlin and grows continuously in awareness. Due to the sale of Kaiser’s to REWE and EDEKA, we did work hard to make LUX MATE available at these stores as well – before spring 2017 begins LUX MATE will be available at almost all supermarkets in Berlin and most likely whole East-Germany.

LUX MATE is wild, night active and mysterious – such like the lynx! Luchs is German for Lynx and that’s why we call our MATE-Tea-Icetas LUX MATE. LUX just looks better then Luchs – also always it will be recognized when people see it together with the logo.

Compared to usual MATE-Tea-Iceteas, LUX MATE is just slightly herb and strong minty in the first taste, followed by some nice light lemon flavor – and the end you experience the slightly light taste of MATE-TEA.

LUX MATE contains 32mg Caffeine / 100ml, which is the MAX. allowed amount in Germany.
LUX MATE keeps you awake! It tastes like a lemonade, but contains way less sugar!
LUX MATE is VEGAN and in order to NOT use any additional substances it is pasteurized – so LUX MATE only contains, what is written on the label.

Besides these great reasons why LUX MATE is that awesome, LUX MATE costs only 0,69€ in the shelf and that is amazing! Usually new drinks like this cost way more in the shelf.

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