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Luxury Coffee Table by Conor Mccreedy

Luxury Coffee Table by Conor Mccreedy
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The “Illuminatus Table “is the art of infinite light, combined with seamless design and perfectly cut angles.

Inside this glass table is an original Mccreedyblue painting which creates a new and revolutionary art experience. You will never stop discovering new elements.

The hand poured Phosphor in the sides of the table iis only found in luxury wristwatches , this has an incredible richness of subtle and natural illumination which represents the glistening sand on the ocean floor.

An environmentally responsible object that glows at night without any electricity, gaining it’s illumination from natural light.

For more than 150 years, Switzerland has been known as the best in the world for the production of luxury wristwatches and designs.

The balance between efficiency, engineering and great craftsmanship is ideal for the production of the world‘s most sexy and sophisticated table.

Dimensions: H 41.0 Centimeters x W 81.0 Centimeters x L 110.0 Centimeters

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