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Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow with Hoodie

Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow with Hoodie
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High Quality Memory Foam, High Quality Velvet Exterior
By Genuine Picks® , Luxury High Quality Brand known for Style, Quality and Practicality. The best neck pillow for airplane travel.

Enjoy Pain-Free Rest During Travel. The viscoelastic memory foam is design with the right level of density that would help eliminate tension around the neck and shoulders. This travelling pillow is scientifically proven to ensures the perfect fit and the highest level of comfort. The multipurpose neck support. is your trusty travel companion by plane, bus, train or car. Can be used on the beach, by the pool at home and even at work.

The High Quality Hypoallergenic Velvet exterior texture of our neck travel pillow is cloud-like soft on the skin with a distinguished feel. It also has a washable zippered cover that can be removed with no trouble at all.
The hood is extremely practical to protect your head from cold breezes or sun heat. It also covers your eyes and ears, allowing more comfortable and quiet sleep. The straps help adjust the pillow hoodie around the head as needed.

Our Premium Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow is highly resistant to all kinds of bacteria, fungus, mites, mold among many other odor causing microorganisms. The perfect choice for those with allergies or sensitivities.

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