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m-station Soccer Rebounder

m-station Soccer Rebounder
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Do you want to professionally hone and improve your soccer technique and all round general soccer training and skills? Your Personal Soccer Trainer Select the multiplayer option and use the soccer rebounder to compete with your friends and family at home or challenge them online. 108 practice drills covering everything necessary to turn you into a complete soccer player. Passes, dribbles, first touches, your finishing and speed is illustrated with easily accessed practice cards and introductory videos making this the Perfect soccer training equipment. Complete with lessons highlighting how best to complete each of the soccer training drills and how best to position the multi-adjustable m-station to get the best results.

This revolutionary soccer rebounder is used by many major soccer clubs including, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, AS Monaco, Juventus and many more. World leading soccer training equipment, the m-station Talent Rebounder and App work excellently together and are the only training system in the world that measures your skills development. The key to the system is the Talent training app tool which transforms your smartphone into your own personal soccer coach. Using the revolutionary MuninPlay system you can download the app for free in App Store and Google Play to start tracking your skills.

With the App you can develop your skills much faster because now you can measure and improve your progress. You will know, how fast you are, how accurately you shoot and how well you control the ball giving you a unique insight and edge to help you improve your skills. Your profile will tell you how much time you have practiced, what drills you have completed and where your strengths are. It will provide you with lots of fun and inspirational data on your individual soccer skills. Click the, Add to Cart button and start improving your soccer training now.

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