Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover Splatter Guard with Steam Vents

Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover Splatter Guard with Steam Vents
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  • ✅ CONVENIENT TIME SAVER – The anti-splash design will save you hours of cleaning each week as this high quality Microwave Cover protects the walls of your microwave oven from food splatter while you heat your favourite meal or snack. More time to enjoy your meal, less time spent cleaning up
  • ✅ SIMPLE TO USE – This perfect sized splatter guard easily covers most plates, bowls, mugs, plastic storage containers or your favourite ready to eat meals. When finished simply raise the lid to the roof of your microwave where it will hover and stick thanks to its 4 strong polymer encased magnets. The perfect storage solution to keep your kitchen uncluttered
  • ✅ EASY TO CLEAN – When it’s time for a wash simply place the cover on the top rack of your dishwasher or you can quickly wash it by hand. Made from a Food Safe BPA FREE material it’s durable, strong and DISHWASHER SAFE. When clean and dry it can be placed back into your microwave where it’s ready to help you prepare your next meal
  • ✅ CLEVER DESIGN – The Microwave Lid has 4 sets of steam vents which releases the steam to ensure your food heats up fast and evenly. Ergonomically designed finger grips in the top of the lid stay cool to the touch, making it easy to lift the lid off food without burning your fingers. Safe for the whole family to use
  • 💡 IMPORTANT TIP – This Microwave Food Cover needs the roof of your microwave to be made of metal and completely flat (inside of microwave) to be able to use its magnetic function and attach
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