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Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper

Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper
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Easy installation without making any holes and scratch, this wall magnet comes with strong sticker at the back.

An adjustable silicone strap will be tightened up your bottle and easily snapped on and off the wall magnet. The strap is flexible and can easily be adjusted according to the size and shape of the bottle.

Tip: the shampoo wrapper can help to avoid limescale by hanging the bottle on the wall away from the wet substance.

Package includes: 2 straps (23 cm) + 2 self-adhesive wall magnets (Black).

Weight capacity: 250 ml. Bottles bigger than 250 ml need to have two straps.

Depth One size
Length 23.5 cm
Material Silicone
Package Pack with 2 set. Strong adhesive super magnet and shampoo wrap with.

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