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Maia 441 Sliding Door

Maia 441 Sliding Door
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Perfect for those looking to divide their space with beautiful decorative elements, this sliding door with wall track helps you to divide your home whilst saving space and avoiding costly construction work.
Maia 411 contains 2 elegant doors featuring Venetian-style glass accents and a Japanese-inspired look.
The choice of a door, however, depends on the space you wish to use it in, therefore, if you require a personalized estimate, contact us at info[at] and we will be glad to assist you.

Sliding Door and Wall Track
Material: oak, 12 sheets of satin glass (6 of which contain Venetian-style accents)
Dimensions*: total size of track l 378 x h 238 cm; each door l 97,4 cm
Details: sliding gears, fasteners and set of 2 handles for 1 door included

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