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Makin Bacon Cruet Set

Makin Bacon Cruet Set
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Making bacon novelty cruet setthis hilarious item is a tongue in cheek ‘porker’ of an item that will cause ‘squeals’ of laughter the set consists or a salt and pepper shaker and a bamboo holder, the pig at the back appears to be the pepper dispenser, the pig at the front the salt both are resting on a bamboo holder. You could add these shakers to your ‘pignic’ set. This ‘crackling’ item will be sure to ‘cures’ a stir. ‘sow’ now i have finished ‘slaughtering’ these puns i”ll try not to ‘boar’ you anymore.

The pig at the rear measures 8x5x6cm approx. And has the refill cap at the bottom, the pig at the front measures 8x4x5cm and the refill cap is located on its belly. The bamboo holder they both stand on measures 13.5×8.5x1cm.hilarious salt and pepper shakersbamboo base measures approx. 13.5×8.5x1cmpigs measure approx.

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