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Malo’o: Dry Your Gear Anywhere, Anytime

Malo’o: Dry Your Gear Anywhere, Anytime
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The portable outdoor drying rack for surfing, camping, snowboarding, and everything else under the sun.

From wetsuits to wet towels, and so much more, the Malo’o drying rack hangs from the side mirror of any car, truck, SUV, RV – you name it – and includes padding so it won’t scratch your vehicle.

We even included a strap so you can secure it in not-so-easy-to-hang places.

With the ability to hang from anything, anytime, anywhere, you can now enjoy more of what you love to do without the weight of wet clothes or gear holding you back.

We also created our drying rack to easily collapse, so it can be stored in your car when it’s not in use. More space means more room for boards and other gear.

Whether you’re camping, surfing, boarding, or just drying something out, you can always rely on Malo’o to hold the heaviest of wet gear without stretching it out.

Other mobile drying racks suction cup to your car, leaving marks and damage, but Malo’o’s patented design allows it to hang from anything, and it includes padding to make sure no damage is left behind.

I started Malo‘o (Hawaiian for Dry) because I could not find a good solution to dry my wetsuit after an early morning surf session. Often, I head off to meetings or to the office and don’t have time to take it home, rinse it and hang it properly. It would either sit in a plastic bin in the back of my truck or I’d try to hang it on things throughout the day so it could be ready for a late afternoon session. I knew there had to be a better way.

I’m also an avid snowboarder and camper and realized that I’m always looking for places to hang my gear, towels, clothes, and other items to allow them to dry. I looked at what was available out there, and there wasn’t anything that worked outdoors, everyday, everywhere, so I decided to build it, and Malo‘o was born.

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