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Mamiya 645DF AF SLR Camera

Mamiya 645DF AF SLR Camera
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The Mamiya 645DF camera features autofocus speeds up to 30% faster than previous models, plus a new companion series of leaf shutter lenses.
The Mamiya 645DF offers substantial performance upgrades for owners of virtually any brand of digital back, including Leaf, Mamiya, Phase One and Sinar.

Combining 35mm handling ease and speed but with an available image capture area almost three times larger, the Mamiya 645DF is a full-featured camera, utilizing digital controls and LCD displays and featuring 19 custom settings for fully personalized digital photography.

The new 645DF system delivers exciting advances in core-camera technology, including an innovative new selectable dual shutter system. The photographer can now select the best shutter for the conditions – either the integral focal plane shutter, which can be used with any of the 15 existing Mamiya 645AF system lenses, or one of three new lenses containing an integral leaf shutter for flash sync speeds of up to 1/1600 second.

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