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Manatea Infuser

Manatea Infuser
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If you enjoy the delicious aroma of your favorite tea with freshly loaded loose tea leaves, this happy Manatea tea infuser is for you. The Manatea tea infuser is made from 100% BPA free and food grade silicone. It is odorless so that you can enjoy the natural flavor of your tea. The silicone can stand up to 425F so it is perfectly safe to submerge it in boiling water. Simply load the Manatea belly with your favorite loose leaf tea, let the Manatea hang out on the rim of your cup and do the work. When it is done, remove the Manatea by the neck and enjoy!

Wile you are watching the Manatea happily resting on the rim of your mug and the beautiful tea color sipping out of its tail, you will realize that you are not just enjoying your tea, you are enjoying simple things in life. Keep that smile on your face, because you know from now on that tea making will be perfect and simple every time – with our happy Manatea tea infuser.

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