Mansion of Madness organizer Wood insert for Mansion of

Mansion of Madness organizer  Wood insert for Mansion of
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Mansion of Madness 2nd edition organizer, wood insert for Mansion of Madness board game, storage solution, boardgame insert, boardgame organizer, towerrex, tower rex, board game, boardgame, organizer, insert, boardgame gift, boardgame accessory, boardgaming accessory. __ Wooden organizer to store all components of your Mansion of Madness 2nd edition boardgame. Features: – With this organizer, you will spend time only on the game, revealing unspeakable secrets and exploring the mansion of madness; – All the trays are easily removed from the box, so you can set up the table in any comfortable way; – The organizer supports sleeved cards (MayDay, UltraPro, etc.) – The organizer is made out of hdf, which smells like a burning barricade; – It also might be the best way to please your fellow dark chthonic god; – The assembly is easy and you will enjoy the game in 25 minutes; The organizer comprises of: – Tray for the big monsters minis; – Tray for the small monster minis; – Tray for the mob minis; – Two in-game cardholders; – One dice tray; – Multitray for all the game tokens; – Tray for the barricade, secret and fire tokens; Important point!

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